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Yoga Postures To Get Relief From Period Cramps

It improves lower back pain and helps with periodic cramps. It also works on the uterus and give relief from pain.
Reclined Bound Angle Pose
It stretches the reproductive region and helps release the pain through the hip opening. It also relaxes back pain.
Seated Angle Stretch
It is amazing to open up hip region and pelvic floor. It also activates abdominal organs and relaxes muscle contractions.
Happy Baby Pose
This particular pose eases out lower back pain and cramps. It also removes stiffness of the back and hip region
Fish Pose
It gives a great stretch to pelvic floor and hip region. This asana balances all the menstrual disorders. It has restorative and therapeutic qualities.
Sleeping Visnu's Pose
Check out the following link to perfect all the posture
Yoga For Period Relief