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Person with A+ blood group can donate to A+, A- & AB+ and receive blood from A+,A-,O+, O-
A- Blood group people can donate to A+, A-, AB+, AB-. Can receive blood from A- and O-.
Those who have B+ blood group can donate to B+ & AB+. They can receive blood from B+, B-, AB+, AB- blood groups.
B- blood people can donate to a AB+ & AB- blood people. They are allowed to receive from B- & O- only.
O+ blood people can donate to O+, A+,B+, AB+ and Receive from O+ &O-
O- blood people can Donate to All blood groups hence, called Universal donors.
AB+ blood people are open to receive from all blood types Making them Universal recipients. But can donate only to AB+ blood group.
AB- blood type people can only donate to AB+, AB- blood people and can receive from AB-, A-, B-, and O-