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Types of Ambulance Services: AmbiPalm        ONE-STOP App

AmbiPalm is a ONE-STOP app for all medical emergencies. It aims to become the 911 of India and always Racing to save lives.
AmbiPalm provides three types of ambulance services that you can choose as per medical need. So book an ambulance with just a tap.
It is for those critical situations where your loved one needs hospital on wheels.
Advanced Life Support or ALS
It has an in-built ventilator with an oxygen cylinder, blood pressure monitor, multipara monitor, intubation, automated external defibrillator (AED), all the medical equipment needed for ICU patients.
It is for semi-critical and non-critical cases. It is specially designed for those times when you need basic medical support while going or coming back from the hospital. 
Basic Life Support or BLS
It has minimum features with an option for customization.
BLS comes with an oxygen cylinder, multipara monitor, wheelchair, stretcher with basic medical facilities.
As the name implies, this ambulance service is used to transport a non-critical patient from one place to another. It is equipped with all the medical equipment along with a stretcher.
Patient Transport Service or PTS
This special service also helps in times when you need to carry your deceased loved ones. Doctors, extra-helper, PPE-kit, and paramedics are an add-on to all our ambulance services. We are just a single click away!