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Tips To Get Relief From Constipation

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Include clear soups, coconut water, shakes, fresh fruit juices
Add more fiber in soluble and insoluble fiber forms like oats, fruits, vegetables, legumes, barley, whole grains, wheat bran to bulk up stools.
Practice pelvic floor exercises to reduce the symptoms of constipation.
Strengthen your gut by including some probiotic-rich foods like curd, yogurt.
Limit the intake of red meat, processed foods. They are devoid of fiber and make stools harder.
Take some over-the-counter laxatives for a short period. Consult physician!
Go low on gluten-containing foods like whole wheat flour, bread, cakes, cookies. Gluten damages the intestinal lining and leads to poor absorption of nutrients.
Fix a proper time to clear your bowel contents. Do not ignore any urges to eliminate stools.
Meditate or practice deep breathing exercises to manage stress.