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Tips To Boost Metabolism

Choosing high biological value proteins in every meal provides satiety and boosts metabolism. Include lean proteins like poultry, fish, eggs to pump up metabolic rate.
Believe it or not, chilies are great for weight loss. Scientists have found that they accelerate metabolic rate, increase thermogenesis (heat generation in the body to melt the fat), and improve energy expenditure.
Weight training exercises increase lean muscle mass to pump metabolic rate. Aim for resistance training or strength training twice or thrice a week.
A study in the Frontiers of Nutrition revealed that drinking water boosts metabolism by reducing excess food intake and increasing lipolysis
(lipid or fat breakdown)
Drinking green tea helps to boost metabolism. The antioxidants in green tea help protect the cells, which function normally and keep your metabolism going. But limit the intake to 2 cups a day.
Fenugreek seeds or methi, a magical spice to boost metabolic rate. A study in The Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology showed that fenugreek seeds improve metabolism by decreasing the number of fat cells in the body.
Apple cider vinegar, in the recent past, has gained a lot of popularity as the most effective weight-loss food. It helps boost metabolism by balancing the internal pH, lowering serum triglyceride levels, and reducing BMI (Body Mass Index) value.
Research shows that garlic helps inhibit the fat synthesis genes and increases thermogenesis. So add garlic as a flavoring agent or as Indian Tadka.