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Third Dose of Covid 19 Vaccine Boosts Protection Against Delta Variant

American biopharmaceutical company Pfizer claims, the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will strongly boost immunity against delta variants.
A study showed that the efficacy of vaccines gradually decreasing from more than 96% in the first 2 months to under 84% at 6 months.
So there is a need for a third or booster dose to protect against the different variants of the novel coronavirus.
A data suggests people (between 18 to 55 years) who have received the third dose of the vaccine have 5-fold more immunity against delta variant than the second dose.
Among the people aged between 65 to 85 years, data suggest that antibody levels against the delta variant are 11-fold higher than the second dose.
According to Dr. Mikael Dolsten, RnD and medical officer for Pfizer said that people need a third or booster dose of vaccine within 6-12 months after full vaccination to maintain the highest level of protection against delta variant.
So, maintain social distance, wear a mask, sanitize your hands frequently, and get the vaccination done to keep yourself and your family safe!