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Things To Know About Covid-19   R-value:      Recent Trends

Reproduction or reproductive numbers, known as the R-factor of Covid, are closely monitored across the world and in India.
It is a scientific concept, that determines the average number of new infections generated by one infected individual during the entire infected period.
One infected person can able to spread the infection to over 200 persons, but the R factor is the real number of how many people are being infected from one affected person.
India's R-value as published by the Health of Ministry is 1.2, which means 100 infected people in India are infecting around 120 people.
As it is a mathematical and scientific concept, the R-value is subjected to change every week.
The Union Health Ministry raised an alarm over the R-factor of eight states is more than the national average.
R-value of 1 or below that is considered safe. It means 100 people are either infecting the same number of people or less.
The United States, Canada, Australia also reported an R-value of 1.2.
So keep a safe distance, vaccinate yourself and follow all safety protocols to maintain R-factor.