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Things To Do After Donating Blood: Fast Recovery Post Blood Donation

A person can immediately return back to daily activities soon after donating blood. But certain practices accelerate recovery process.
Our blood contains iron and after each donation, our body loses 200-250 mg of iron. Eating iron-rich foods helps pump up iron loss and replenish this mineral. Include green leafy vegetables, spinach, fortified cereals, broccoli to get plenty of iron.
Include vitamin C-rich foods as it helps proper absorption of iron. Include citrus fruits, bell peppers, tomatoes in the meal.
Like iron, B complex vitamins also help to generate new blood cells. If you are donating whole blood cells, include leafy greens, dairy foods, liver, potatoes, banana, fortified breakfast cereals to your daily diet.
Donating blood removes fluid from the body. Aim to drink enough water to maintain the fluid balance and replenish the loss.
Avoid any high-intensity workouts or cardio exercises. Donating red blood cells or whole blood cells means there will be less oxygen circulating in the body. So practicing heavy exercises may make you feel giddy or too tired.
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