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AmbiPalm- Racing to Save Lives: Vision

If you need an ambulance or blood for family or friends or any strangers, always count on the AmbiPalm team/app. AmbiPalm is India's future of patient transport.
AmbiPalm is an organization with a cause to save people's lives by helping people to get an ambulance within 15 minutes. Their motto is Racing to save Lives of millions of people from different economic strata.
It is the largest aggregator of your local ambulance, ensuring you get the ambulance in the shortest possible time with the best price.
To serve most of the people around the globe of different socio-economic status, AmbiPalm has come up with a negotiation feature that offers the lowest price which everyone can afford.
When you request blood, AmbiPalm not only connects you to the vast number of donors enlisted with the AmbiPalm, but the dedicated team will work with you simultaneously till the need is met.
A healthy India is a fit and growing India. AmbiPalm is in the process of bringing world-class nutritional, health, and wellness tips under one umbrella.